1.            Child population of 492 from ECDE – Std 8 due to FPE.

2.            Uncompleted 8 permanent classrooms.

3.            Has received CDF funds

4.            ECDE classes under a tree.

5.            Orphans without mothers 30, without fathers 67, without both parents are 20.

6.            No safe drinking water – use stream – river is seasonal – very far from the school.

7.            KCPE last years mean score (2010) 203.00.

8.            Text books now available.

9.            Those who have passed KCPE so well don’t go to where they have been called to due to poverty.

10.        No chairs for teachers/cupboards.

11.        No tables for teachers.

12.        No water tanks for harvesting rain water.

13.        PTA teachers not paid (No salary)

14.        The school not properly fenced.

15.        Drop out rates now reduced on both sexes.

16.        Uncompleted and unfurnished administration block.

17.        Electricity has only been installed in Administration office and one class.

18.        No computers.

19.        No library.

20.        Early pregnancies/Pre-mature marriages.

21.        The school has e-mail – nyambecheprimary@gmail.com.

22.        Enough desks for pupils.

23.        Have eight trained teachers – (6 permanent & 2 contract)

24.        Have a role model a madam teacher.

25.        Two teachers house – (Permanent not completed & semi permanent)

26.        Has received desks from German Embassy  no.70

27.        Has received tables from German Embassy  no.10

28.        Has received chairs from German Embassy  no.10


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The school has 12 permanent pit latrines constructed by the community and FPE: 1 for the teachers, 6 for girls and 5 boys. It has 8 uncompleted …

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