The school is built on a 5 acre piece of land with unprocessed title deed.It has done KCPE for 28 years since 1992 and the performance has not been pleasing due to several factors, among them are;Understaffing,lack of desks ,library,classrooms,FPE started coming to school continuously in 2006,after along struggle with the ministry of education due to the ssme name and same bank branch with another scchool in Uriri District.The accounts also seemed to be similar if not properly and keenly observed as indicated below:



Nyambeche Primary school is currently doing a little bit better, the staffing situation is fair, physical facilities are also improving,and we …

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The school has 12 permanent pit latrines constructed by the community and FPE: 1 for the teachers, 6 for girls and 5 boys. It has 8 uncompleted …

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